Endorsements of Acharya's Work

Supported by Major Hindu Leaders

"Dr. Frank Morales represents the Sankalpa [the will] of the Hindu people and the cause of Sanatana Dharma. I urge all Hindus everywhere to give him your full support, assistance, and encouragement in his crucial work. He needs and deserves our help."
- Dr. David Frawley (Oct. 14, 2007)

"I recommend Dr. Frank Morales. He is a noteworthy academic scholar of Hinduism, a formal convert/practitioner as Acharya in Hindu temples, and a great public champion of Hinduism with courage to stick his neck out."
- Rajiv Malhotra (Infinity Foundation)

“You’ve done truly phenomenal work teaching the pure essence of Yoga.” 
- Dr. Deepak Chopra

"Few have the background and fewer still the courage to speak boldly about Hinduism in modern times. Sri Dharma Pravartaka Acharya has both, and wields them to trenchant purpose.” 
- Paramacharya Palaniswami ( Editor-in-Chief: Hinduism Today Magazine)

"Hindus need a person of your caliber to enlighten them.  Hindu people, at this juncture,  are looking for someone to guide them and encourage them to stand up for Dharma.  You are the best suited person in America to guide Hindus in the right direction.  Best regards."
 - Sri Narain Kataria (President: Indian-American Intellectuals Forum)

"Dr. Morales comes across to me as a very sincere and honest practitioner and teacher of Hindu Dharma. Dr. Morales is a very devoted, practicing Hindu and at the same time, he is very well versed in the academic jargon that is so necessary to communicate with his peers in US Universities. He preaches a spiritually oriented, non-sectarian brand of Hindu Dharma, bringing out the deepest truths of our traditions in a very lucid language." 
- Vishal Agarwal (Director: Voice of Dharma)

"Your ideas and actions have the potential to be revolutionary."
- Niraj Mohanka (New Dharma Foundation)

“Dr. Morales, I am astounded at your knowledge and realization of our Dharma.  That an American would grasp the Divine teachings as deeply as you have is wondrous.  You are truly a Maha Jagad Guru, the Great World Teacher.”  
- Sri Swami Brahmananda Saraswati

"You are a pioneer in many ways and you have our congratulations and support. If any of us can be of any assistance to you in your work, please do not hesitate to ask."
- Dr. Jeffery Long (Professor of Religious Studies, Elizabethtown College)

Someone of Sri Acharyaji's spiritual eminence is a treasure for all and so whatever is in his best interest will benefit every seeker and devotee. In Sri Acharyaji's freedom and spiritual journey is hope for us all. The light of spiritual knowledge is to be shared and not restricted. May the Parabrahman bless you, Sri Acharyaji, with all you desire."
- Dr. Sanjay Singh, M.D. (Chairman of the Hindu Temple of Omaha)

"I am so grateful.  I find you as a true Yogi.  I read and have forwarded your articles to the United Hindu Jain Society of Washington, D.C. for further dissemination.  I recommend your analysis of Sanatana Dharma to be included to the U.S. schools to explain Hinduism."
- Hari Bindal (Director United Hindu Jain Society of Washington, D.C.)

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