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The International Sanatana Dharma Society (ISDS) is a global spiritual movement dedicated to practicing and teaching the ancient Vedic religious tradition in its fully authentic and unaltered form. Our goal in spiritual practice is to accept no watering-down or compromises to the time-honored integrity of the Vedic philosophy and lifestyle. The guiding spiritual teacher of the ISDS is Sri Dharma Pravartaka Acharya, who is currently recognized by many of the world's most important Hindu leaders as one of the most authentic, qualified and dynamic spiritual teachers on the earth today..

students and followers of Acharyaji, OmahaMembers of the International Sanatana Dharma Society are dedicated to practicing the ancient and authentic path of Sanatana Dharma. This path encourages us to look honestly within in a contemplative manner, to observing a spiritual discipline that leads to a gradual unfoldment of our true selves, and that results in the transcendental bliss of Self-realization and God- consciousness.

The very best way that you can help support the ISDS is by becoming an ISDS Member through secure automatic monthly donations. By automatically tithing a little each month, you are performing a valuable seva (devotional service) that will not only help to create a future for Sanatana Dharma, but that will also help you and your family spiritually.

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If you are attracted to a Vedic path that focuses on thorough authenticity, a conscientious philosophical approach, and a clear and effective means of knowing God's presence in your everyday life, consider becoming an official member of the International Sanatana Dharma Society today.

The following are requirements for membership:

  1. You must consider Sanatana Dharma to be your spiritual tradition.

  2. All members are guided by the specific teachings and personal example of 
    Sri Dharma Pravartaka Acharya.

  3. All members are expected to tithe monthly in accordance with their means.

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Membership Tiers

  1. Basic Membership (Dharmi): $10 per month ($120 annually)

  2. Family Membership (Dharma Parivar): $20 per month ($240 annually)

  3. Supporting Member (Dharma Warrior): $50 per month ($600 annually)

  4. Patron Member (Dharma Knight): $100 per month ($1200 annually)

  5. Life Member (Dharma King/Queen): $5000 or more one time donation. (Please see information below on how to mail your donation.)

Donations can be made securely online via PayPal here: 

The ISDS does not pay salaries to any of its managers or volunteers. 100% of your donation goes to supporting the furtherance of Dharma. All memberships include a free subscription to the ISDS Well-Wishers Newsletter and early access to content such as ISDS classes on video.

Mailing Donations to the International Sanatana Dharma Society

If you would like to mail your donation, please write your tax-deductable check or money order to the International Sanatana Dharma Society (ISDS) and mail to:

International Sanatana Dharma Society
13917 P St. 
Omaha, NE 68137-1533

Thank you for your support!