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Interregnum: Restoring Authentic Rulership
in the Kali Yuga
An exponentially increasing number of people are aware that true and legitimate rulership is painfully absent from our political scene today. It is almost impossible to find a political leader today who we can have full faith and trust in. As a result of this vacuum of leadership, most nations in the world are currently enduring a dark state of interregnum, an historically dangerous era that exists in-between the administrations of rightful rulers.

In this penetrating new book, Sri Dharma Pravartaka Acharya explains to us how we can clearly recognize the characteristics of an illegitimate leader, as well as the full repercussions of having to live in a modern nation-state that is mostly devoid of real leaders. More importantly, though, he also presents us with a full and inspirational portrait of what an honest and legitimate national leader actually looks like. As Acharya explains to us in this significant work, divinely empowered and legitimate leaders will soon arrive on the national scene, and we have every reason to be positive and optimistic about our future. This is a book that was created for our exact time in history.
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