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New Book by Sri Acharya - Radical Universalism

There are probably more misconceptions and false notions about the ancient religion of Sanatana Dharma than there are about all of the other religions on earth combined. In Radical Universalism: Are All Religions the Same?, Acharya tackles the vast majority of these misconceptions head on. This includes, especially, the erroneous claim that Sanatana Dharma teaches that all religions are the same.

What Sri Dharma Pravartaka Acharya has termed “Radical Universalism” is the irrational assertion that claims that all religions are the same, and that all religions ultimately have the same goal. In this legendary book, Acharya exhaustively critiques and conclusively defeats this central dogma of the Neo-Hindu, New Age and globalist movements. He examines the roughly 200 year history of the dogma of Radical Universalism, tracing its origins back no earlier than the early 19th century. He also shows us how the many proclamations of the modern Neo-Hindu movement are not only non-Vedic in origin, but are the very antithesis of the authentic teachings of traditional Sanatana Dharma.

Radical Universalism: Are All Religions the Same? was originally written as a 40 page essay in 2003. It was first published as a 60 page book in 2007. Now, in the present edition, this ground-breaking, historically significant work has been expanded by over 200 pages! Radical Universalism is an invaluable resource for understanding the irreconcilable differences between the authentic Vedic tradition versus the modern concoction known as Neo-Hinduism. If you wish to understand the true Vedic religion on its own terms, this is the book you need to read.
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