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The Vedic Way of Knowing God
"The Vedic Way of Knowing God" takes a unique approach to answering the question: How do I know God?. Revealing the profound philosophical insights of the world's most ancient spiritual philosophy, this book not only boldly answers the question "How do I know God?" from the distinctly Vedic perspective, but also explores the further issues of what it even means to be able to know God. It reveals the precise mystical mechanisms necessary to know the Divine; the psychological conditions necessary for such a spiritual endeavor; the inner transformative experiences that occur within the spiritual practitioner upon achieving God-realization; the integral relationship between transcendent Word, spiritually revealed literature, and the association of living teachers; and the vast implications of the Vedic world-view on contemporary world philosophy and religion. If you have ever asked the question "How do I know God?" this is the book for you!
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